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(PT) Metro do Porto – Linha Circular: Troço Liberdade/ S. Bento – Boavista/ Casa da Música

(PT) Ligação Ferroviária entre Évora e Évora Norte – Variante de Évora

Railway Connection between Évora and Évora Norte (Évora Bypass)

ARQPAIS is responsible for the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the section of the Railway Connection between Évora and Évora Norte (Évora Bypass) in the Southern International Corridor, in a Preliminary Study phase.

This study refers to the municipality of Évora and aims to select the best layout alternative for this railway connection.

Nova Ligação Ferroviária entre Évora Norte e Elvas/Caia

As part of the coordination team of the New Railway Line between Évora and Elvas North/Caia, formed by the consortium SENER/VIAPONTE, pre-qualified by IP-infrastructures of Portugal, ARQPAIS will coordinate the Environmental studies.

This study features the New Railway Line (80 km in extension), between km 126 of the Évora Line (Linha de Évora) and the East Line (Linha do Leste) connection (future bifurcation in Caia), including Concordance of Elvas (link between the future bifurcations of Évora and Elvas), to be developed in the corridor environmentally approved in the Previous Studies of the High-Speed Rail Link Lisbon-Madrid, by the RAVE, in 2007/2008, SA.

Highway A13 – Via dos Duques – Stretch Coimbra (Junction in Ceira) / Stª Comba Dão (IC12)

ARQPAIS in consortium with SENER-ENGIVIA, SA, were awarded 1st place in the “Public tender for the Previous Study of highway A13 – Via the Dukes stretch Coimbra (Ceira loop)/Santa Comba Dão (IC12)”, where ARQPAIS will be responsible for the Environmental Studies.

The study develops in the districts of Coimbra and Viseu, covering, the municipalities of Coimbra, Penacova, Mortágua and Santa Comba Dão. The study area covers a linear extension of about 40 kms. It evaluates the best alternative for the section of the stretch of A13 for the cities of Coimbra and Viseu (from Coimbra South (Ceira) intersection loop to Santa Comba Dão intersection loop).

20th anniversary

ARQPAIS celebrated its 20th anniversary.

It´s with great pride  that we have reached 20 years of existence.

We have overcome obstacles and achieved difficult goals.

We continue to embrace new projects and cross new frontiers, always relying

on our team and consultants, and with the confidence of our clients.

(PT) Fórum Empresarial da Economia do Mar


Master Plan for Tourism Development in the Okavango Basin

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